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The past six months without tumblr were honestly fantastic. I picked up new skills and learned more about myself than I ever would’ve with tumblr. I’ve been so much more creative with my writing and poetry, it’s so cool! For the past 20 minutes I’ve been going down my dashboard and I realized that everyone’s blogs look the same, they post the same things. Then, I go on other blogs and realize that all the summer blogs, fashion blogs, grunge blogs, hipsters blogs also all post the same stuff. Ironic isn’t it? How we all try to be different with our blogs yet they all look the SAME. Whatever, I’m a victim to it too ahah. 

Tumblr used to be a venting zone for me but now I’ve found other solutions. So I’m just writing to this to say goodbye tumblr! I’ll forever hold a special place in my heart for you but the time has come. 

Hopefully in 10-15 years from now I’ll look back at the three years of my life that I have spent on tumblr and laugh at all the great memories. I love all the awesome people that I got to talk to, you guys were truly awesome. Nobody probably even cares that I’m writing this, oh well. 


-Raman Gill 

May 13th, 2013

the time has come. 

I think my blog has now turned into somewhat of a fashion blog.

1. Get accepted at York for Psychology(science and arts)

2. Get a minimum 72% on my practical piano exam

3. To drink lots of water

4. Get to my goal weight and maintain it

5. Try not to over think every little situation and to not be so paranoid

6. Be happy

I’m actually pretty scared for new year to come because of all the things that are about to happen. This is the year that I’m graduating, hopefully going to university, taking my last piano exam ever,etc. The biggest thing that I’m most scared about is being accepted for the program that I want. I applied to some extremely competitive programs and I’M SCURRRRRREDDDDDDDD:/ I feel like I have so much pressure to succeed in life because my parents have always tried their hardest to provide a wonderful life to my brother and I. I just don’t want to let them down because for me, disappointment is the worst thing possible. Anyways, that’s my vent for the day and I don’t care if nobody read this, I feel better now.

~Beyonce Pad Thai~